Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week 1 Discussion Question

In Chapter 2 Esperanza learns of her father's death. Her grandmother says to her that "There is no rose without thorns," which Esperanza takes to mean "That there was no life without difficulties." This will be one of the most difficult things Esperanza will face. Why will this be so hard for her? Why do you think the author starts the story this way?

Make sure to write in complete sentences using details from the story to support your thinking. Type your response in your 'blogging doc' so you can edit if you need to. Don't for get to edit your response before you post it.


  1. This will be hard for Esperanza because her father taught her many things and helped Esperanza through hard times like poking her finger with the thorn on the roses telling her that it was okay. He also did some much with her. They listened to the heartbeat of the Earth along with their own. Esperanza and her father were too close to be separated.
    I think the author writes the story this way because the title is Esperanza Rising. Esperanza has to face some challenges that is going to get her down but then she needs to rise above them to conquer them and face her fears. Esperanza is going to face more challenges ahead of her so she can rise above them. I also think the author wrote it this way so Esperanza can learn things by herself and find things out on her own without the guidance of others.

  2. Esperanza’s father’s death is going to be one of the most difficult things she is going to face because her father was what she basically said, one of her two favorite people. She loved him with all her heart and couldn’t have loved him more. And in return, her father loved her so much. Her father taught her so many things and now he isn’t there to teach her new things. For example, at the beginning, he taught her that the valley was alive. The book said, “Our land is alive Esperanza.” She will not be taught new things with her father gone. Another reason is she is feeling emotionally ‘sick’ now that her Papa or Papi is gone. That never ends very well in books or in real life. Those are the reasons that Esperanza’s father’s death is going to be one of the hardest things she is going to go through.

  3. I don’t think this will be it for Esperanza. It is true that there “is no rose without thorns” but this doesn’t mean that difficulty is over for Esperanza. Her father’s death took a moment to take. Reading some thing like, “When the wagon stopped, Esperanza could see a body in the back, completely covered with a blanket.
    ‘Where’s Papa?’ she cried.
    Miguel hung his head. Alfonso didn’t say a word but the tears running down his cheeks confirmed the worst.
    Mama fainted.
    Abuelita and Hortensia ran to her side.
    Esperanza felt her heart drop. A noise came from her mouth and slowly, her first breath of grief grew into a tormented cry. She fell to her knees and sank into a dark hole of despair and disbelief.” That is deep and you can really understand how Esperanza felt.

    I think this is hard for Esperanza because she was so close to her father and losing him is a burden that cannot be lifted from her shoulders. I think that the author started the story like this to draw us in and so we know what it was like for the main character before all the real hardship begins.

  4. This will be so hard for her because her fathers death is so sudden and out of the blue. Also, Papa was one of Esperaza favorite people. Losing Papa to Esperanza is like losing part of herself because she treasured him so much because she learned a lot from Papa. He helped lead her through tough times and now he can’t do that because he’s gone all that Esperanza knew disappeared from her life now she has a different life. Papa’s voice always filled the rooms but now that he’s gone the rooms feel sad and empty. Losing Papa is like a burden on Esperanza’s Mother because she has to guide Esperanza and hold her up when Esperanza can’t, Papa helped Esperanza do that.
    I think that the Author starts the story this way is because the author wants us to understand that Esperanza must rise above the thorns in life to move on that there is more to life more stuff happening than joy and happiness that sometimes she has to keep going even if it’s hard.