Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 5 Discussion Question

Esperanza has greatly changed since the beginning of the book. Discuss some ways that you think she has changed using specific examples from the story. If you were Esperanza, what would you do in the packing shed when seeing Marta hiding? Do you think she would've reacted the same way a few months earlier?

Make sure to answer the question with a RAD response and use details from the text to support your answer. Please check your grammar, spelling, capitalization, and conventions before submitting your response.


  1. I think that Esperanza would have acted differently if this happened earlier. She would have either over reacted or ask her what on Earth she was doing and demand an answer otherwise she would tell. But since Esperanza has been at the camp for a while all that happened was as follows:
    ‘Marta was huddled in a corner holding her fingers to her lips he eyes begging for help. She whispered, “Please, Esperanza. Don’t tell. I can’t get caught. I must take care of my mother.”’
    When Esperanza didn't tell it was because she remembered when Marta and her Mother were walking hand in hand and decided that it wouldn’t be right to tell. She decided this because she thought of being separated from her own mother and walked away as though she never saw Marta and nothing had ever happened.
    If I was Esperanza I would do the same thing. Being separated from your mother when you have no father is like losing everything you have. I would just walk away as if Marta was never there and I never saw Marta.

  2. Some ways that Esperanza has changed through the book are that she has been taking care of the two babies; Lupe and Pepe, she has been working in the shed, and she has been doing all that is in her power to save her mother. The reason for the first one is that she needs to do her job in valley. The reason for the second thought is she just needs to get Abuelita to America. The reason for the third idea is just because she wants to have what’s left of her family.

    If I were Esperanza looking in the packing shed and seeing Marta hiding, I would make her do what she can on her own. I would not give her away, but not help her. The reason why I would do that is because I wouldn’t want to go back to Mexico and have my Evil uncles mary my mother. I also would do that because I wouldn’t want Marta’s mother and her to separate.

    I don’t think that Esperanza would have reacted the same way a few months ago because all Esperanza new of Marta was she wanted strike. It is as simple as that, Esperanza didn’t know Marta as well as she does now.

  3. Esperanza has changed a lot in the story because she’s more caring and more giving. She is remembering how she made that little girl feel and she is learning from her mistakes and making sure that she doesn’t hurt someone else’s feelings as she did the little girl.
    If I was in the packing shed and saw Marta hiding I would do the same as Esperanza did. I would let Marta off the hook because even though she was cruel to me in the beginning, revenge isn’t what’s gonna make me feel better.
    I think that Esperanza wouldn’t because she didn't exactly know Marta at that point as well and there really is no reason to keep Marta with her. At least that’s what I think.

  4. A way that I think that has changed Esperanza is she is more mature as in she acts more grown up and motherly to everyone. For example, when Esperanza found out that her mother was sick, Esperanza was heart broken and started acting like she was a mother taking care of a sick child. She cared so much about her mother she started to take bigger problems that adults handle. If I were Esperanza I would not say anything because I could not imagine not having a mother to watch over me and if I did shout out something I would regret it I could not live with myself. If this had happened a few months earlier, I think that she would have reacted differently because, she didn’t know what it was like at the Strikers camp that the people there were not in good shape, did not good food, no one smiled there, and she would not know that Marta had a relationship with her mother and that Marta needed to take care and help her own mother, too.